Sinus Headache and Relief

Like many of you, I had suffered from sinus headache for most of my adult life.

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At some points, they were so severe that I was almost completely incapacitated. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t carry on a decent conversation and I certainly couldn’t concentrate if I watched television. Also I couldn’t read a book for any length of time.

All I could do was lie down and wish the pain would ease up enough for me to fall asleep.

It might have been bearable if sleep would alleviate the problem the way it does with other types of headaches.

But as soon as I would wake up in the morning the pain would often be there to greet me like a horrific alarm clock with no snooze button.

For years, I suffered from these sinus headaches. Then finally I was able to find a way to prevent them from happening in the first place. However, finding the answer was a long process of tried and failed treatments.

Before I talk about what I’ve learned, I think it’s important to provide a little information about sinus headaches and what causes them in the first place. This information was a complete mystery to me most of the time I was suffering from the headaches.

What Are the Causes?

Your sinuses are cavities in the bones of your face that serve some very useful purposes. They aren’t just there to make your life awful or to make over-the-counter medicine manufacturers rich. Instead, they actually play a role in the production of your voice, they help make your skull a little lighter so your neck can support it, and they provide some protection to your skull by absorbing impact and thus preventing or minimizing head injuries.

Within those cavities, you’ll also find mucus-producing membranes. Mucus is produced in your body to wash away foreign bodies and invaders so they don’t reach your lungs and cause a serious infection.

When a germ of other irritant gets inside your body, mucus production kicks into high gear and if you can’t get rid of mucus fast enough, it builds up within the sinus cavities and puts pressure on other parts of your face.

This is why headaches related to sinus swelling and congestion make you feel like your head is inflated like an enormous balloon.

Incidentally, those irritants that create the overproduction of mucous come from different sources. Cold viruses, fungi, or allergens are some of the biggest causes.

You can also have problems with sinus drainage if you have polyps (a benign-non cancerous tumor) growing in your cavities or if you have smaller than average drainage areas.

Other causes could be narrow sinus cavities or a deviated septum. If you are in any doubt about possible causes of sinus infection a sinus CAT scan should provide clarity.

Other Sinus Related Problems

Maybe sinus headaches would be bearable, too, if they didn’t so often come with other problems.

Earaches are one of the most severe. That deep pain has brought many stoic adults to tears because of its severity. What happens is that the mucus build-up causes pressure inside the ear, too, because almost everything in your face is connected.

If mucus isn’t drained, it could lead to an infection in the ear and that may cause even more serious pain.

I’ve also seen people become unable to eat because the congestion in their heads puts pressure on their gums and makes chewing a sandwich as painful as having a mouth full of infected gums. If you have pre-existing problems with your teeth, the pain will be even more excruciating.

Treatment Options

So now that we’ve talked about sinus headaches and their causes, as well as some other painful problems they can generate, what can be done about them? The bad news is that not much can be done once they take hold.

Sure, there are aisles of sinus headache medicine in your local drug store promising relief but none of them really deliver. Most just temporarily mask the pain that re-emerges as soon as the medicine wears off.

If you develop a full-blown sinus infection, which happens if the mucus continues to build-up providing a breeding ground for various bacteria, your physician can prescribe some antibiotics that can help cure that part of the problem.

Before you reach that stage, however, chances are you’ll have suffered for a long time.

The Solution

If you’re like I was and you’ve suffered from sinus headaches throughout your life and you’re tired of the enormous pain and misery that accompanies them, then the good news is that there is a way to prevent this from happening.

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You don’t have to experience the pain, the pressure, the congestion, the earaches, the sore gums, the blurred vision, or any of the other symptoms again.

You, too, can learn the secret to permanent relief from debilitating sinus headaches.

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