Sinus Infection Symptoms

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One time I was complaining about the start of a sinus infection to a friend whose response was, “Ooh, sinus infections are no fun!”

All I can say is that her statement was one of the worst understatements I’ve ever heard.

And if you’ve been a chronic sufferer of sinus infections like I was then you’ll probably agree.

For most of my adult life, I had problems with my sinuses. I tried tons of treatment methods and over-the-counter medications but nothing ever really provided me with long-lasting relief. Then I discovered the key wasn’t in treating the infection but in preventing it from happening in the first place.

That’s when I discovered something that literally ended my battle with sinus infections in particular and sinus problems in general. What I discovered has the potential to do the same for you.

Let’s talk about those symptoms and then I’ll show you how to get additional information that you are sure to want.

Most Well-Known Sinus Infection Symptoms

When I had my sinus attacks, I always knew there would be some symptoms I’d have to deal with. For example, the congestion is one of the symptoms almost anyone who is having a sinus infection is going to face.

That’s because when all of that extra mucus being produced within your sinus cavities can’t drain fast enough. It builds up making breathing difficult. It gives you that “swollen head” sensation.

With my sinus infections, I almost always had postnasal drip, too. That’s caused when the mucus trying to drain ends up running down your throat. That’s disgusting, isn’t it?

As you might expect, it gets worse at night when you’re lying down. And that’s why getting a good night’s sleep when you have a bad sinus infection just isn’t going to happen. That drainage usually triggers coughing to prevent it from reaching your lungs. These coughing fits can make your other symptoms, such as the headache, worse.

And speaking of headaches. I think all of the rest of the symptoms would have been bearable if I hadn’t experienced those awful headaches.

What happens is that the pressure from the congestion in your sinus cavities starts putting pressure on other parts of your face! That’s why your face also hurts when you have a very severe infection.

The pressure ends up giving you a massive headache that won’t go away with a nap or with most OTC painkillers. The headaches can get so bad they keep you awake and cause you to be unable to work or carry on a conversation, or even see properly.

Other Sinus Infection Symptoms

While the symptoms I just talked about our bad, there are some others you might not have even realized were connected to your sinus infection.

Did you know that a sinus infection can and often does cause bad breath? It’s that postnasal drip and the drainage down your throat that’s responsible. When the mucus comes in contact with what’s in your mouth and throat, the result is a horrible case of halitosis that even brushing your teeth won’t stop. Gum chewing works but if you have a sinus headache that’s the last thing you want to be doing.

When the congestion gets bad, it can also affect your senses and not just your ability to see clearly.

I always lost my appetite when I had an infection. I thought it was because of the pain but then I learned it was because the congestion dulls your sense of smell and taste and prevents them from working properly. And since those senses are important in making you feel hungry, the consequences are pretty obvious.

There’s also a lot of pain associated with sinus infections. Ear pain is a big problem because the congestion can spread into the inner part of the ear and can sometimes lead to full-blown ear infections if the mucus doesn’t drain fast enough.

One of the less known sinus infection symptoms is the possible occurrence of some sinus bleeding , which is not always associated with pain.

Snoring is another of the most common sinus infection symptoms. It can manifest even if you don’t normally cut wood.

As the fluid builds up in your sinuses, you have to fight harder to breathe while you sleep. You begin to breathe with more force, and the result is a sound loud enough to wake your wife and maybe even the dead.

When your sinuses are not draining properly, you can end up with sinus drainage that becomes trapped in your neck. You will notice that you have swollen areas of your neck, and that it hurts to move your neck in certain directions.

Some people have neck pain every time they have a sinus infection, while others are able to avoid this problem. If you do have neck pain, you can try a wet and warm cloth in order to eliminate some of the pain, although this will only offer a short term solution.

Many people also experience nagging sinus toothache symptoms.

Preventing Sinus Infection Symptoms

Thinking about the symptoms again I can’t tell you how relieved I am that they are all in the past.

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