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Sinuses are found in a couple parts of the body, but the ones we think of when we use that word specifically are those in the head.

There are four pairs of sinuses that contribute to headache:

  • The maxillary sinuses are located under our eyes, behind our cheekbones.

  • The frontal and sphenoid sinuses are cavities in the bones above our eyes.

  • Ethmoid sinuses are between the nose and the eyes.

Our eyes, ears, nose, and throat are all interconnected, and the sinus cavities function by filling with mucus.

One known purpose of mucus is to catch and drain foreign objects that travel along the facial passages, and the mucus drains out of the nose when everything is working right.

Mucus also keeps these passages moist. And sinus cavities serve as necessary airspaces in the head and add resonance to voice quality.

The Underlying Causes and Sinus Pain Relief

When sinus drainage doesn’t move along as it should, the result is a nagging headache. Discomfort levels range from mild ache to very severe pain.

It can last a brief time, or it can go on for weeks before you finds some sinus pain relief. You can take a headache remedy, but no matter what medicine you choose, the headache will return as soon as the dose wears off.

You’ll feel the ache in your face and head relative to the affected sinuses. Whether the top front of your head aches, or the front planes of your face, or if it just seems as if even your eyes hurt, the symptoms result from the fluid in the sinuses.

The pain plus the pressure on various parts of your face can be so distracting that you can even have difficulty talking. At times the pain is a nonstop, throbbing headache accompanied by fatigue and malaise that drives you to your bed.

Sinus Pain Relief Starts with Understanding Why

I can tell you there are numerous causes of this fluid accumulation. They range from viral to bacterial infection; from allergies to fungus to mold; or even from structural problems such as narrow sinus passages, polyps, or a deviated septum.

Viral infections occur when a virus, usually originating in the lungs, thickens the mucus. In most cases a viral sinusitis —that is the medical word for sinus infection— resolves within a week.

But sometimes the mucus lingers, serving as a culture medium for bacteria, and the sinusitis evolves into a bacterial infection. You will need an antibiotic to battle any bacterial infection.

These types of sinus infections should clear up in less than four weeks. If they go on longer —which can happen if infection keeps traveling along the interconnected facial and respiratory passages— the problem becomes known as chronic.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had symptoms like the ones I described above, along with a thick green or yellow discharge, dizziness, or toothache.

Once infection sets in you might have halitosis (bad breath) from the bacteria, or you might have mucus-like diarrhea.

A lot of times I’ve had the sinus infection spread to my ear. There’s usually a warning that this is happening, such as a popping in the ear when you open your mouth to talk or chew.

And just as the infection can start in your lungs and affect your sinuses, it can go from your sinuses to your lungs. It can begin as an ear infection and spread to your sinuses.

Other sinus problems, caused by allergy, molds, or fungus, generally are not diagnosed without a biopsy or tissue sample of the upper nasal passages.

Your doctor will not decide to perform additional diagnostic work unless your sinus headaches continue for twelve weeks or more. At that point he can take a swab of your nasal lining, and when the tissue is examined microscopically it will show an increase in eosinophils that are present; they are a component of natural body fluids that multiply when the body is fighting allergies.

Other Pathways to Sinus Pain Relief

Problems with a deviated septum or polyps are discovered upon nasal endoscopy, a brief procedure that involves a flexible tube with a camera and light attachment inserted through the nostrils to explore the nasal and sinus passages.

Polyps are little growths of tissue sometimes found in the nasal passages or sinus cavities, as well as in other body areas.

A deviated septum occurs when the cartilage separates the nostrils unevenly; this occurs at birth or it can result from some trauma such as a punch to the nose.

The removal of polyp growth, the correction of a deviated septum and unexpected trauma to the nose may require urgent sinus surgery .

You can also read about paranasal sinus disease and discover a few more things about this inflammatory condition in your search to reach durable sinus pain relief.

Conclusions on Sinus Pain Relief

No matter what the cause of your sinus problems, I’m sure you’ll agree that the persistence of sinus headaches can make you feel poorly, distracts you from your ability to enjoy your family, and keeps you from doing a good job at work.

Maybe you’ve tried a decongestant along with your pain reliever, and that’s a good step for controlling the excessive fluid accumulations.

Even something simple as massaging your sinus pressure points can bring some relief for a while.

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