Sinus Pressure Points

What are sinus pressure points and how can they affect you?

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If you experience frequent bouts of sinusitis, then you know how suddenly they can come on.

Sometimes you don’t even realize that conditions —weather, pollution, etc.- are ripe to precipitate an attack.

You probably feel irritated and helpless when you realize your sinus and nasal passages are beginning to narrow.

It’s likely that these tiny outlets for the sinus cavities are already filling up with pus, mucus, or cultures of fungi or viruses. These substances can accumulate within the cavities themselves, or they can leach into the tender mucous membranes that line your sinus passages.

Air can become trapped within the sinus cavities when the passages are blocked.

You can have an anatomical variation, such as enlarged bony structures within the nose or a polyp growth, that gives you less space than the average person.

Any of these conditions sets the stage for pounding sinus pressure and pain.

sinus wellness Your ear-nose-and-throat doctor —also known as an ENT doctor, or otorhinolaryngologist— will simply tell you that this is how your nasal membranes and sinus passages are reacting to invasion by irritants, viruses, or fungi. Your membranes actually do become swollen and infected. You wind up with a runny nose, post nasal drip, and a bad taste in the back of your throat. He is helpless to offer anything beyond antibiotics, which you have probably tried repeatedly. Or he will recommend surgery; surgeons by nature simply think of taking things apart and putting them back together without considering the pain, cost, and down time that you will experience, not to mention unpredictable results.

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Sinus Pressure Points and Your Health

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms over a lengthy period of time, perhaps you’ve tried some sinus pressure points massage.

These sinus pressure points correspond to four sinus areas on your face and head.

The frontal sinuses are air pockets above your eyebrows. Using the spot between your brows as a starting place, they probably extend out on each side to approximately the middle of each eyebrow.

Ethmoid sinuses are found on each side of the bridge of your nose. These spots are right about where your glasses would pinch your nose, if you were wearing any.

The maxillary sinuses are on the front points of your cheekbones, the fullest parts of your cheeks when you smile.

You’ll find the sphenoid sinuses on either side of your head, above your ears and slightly forward of them.

Massaging these sinus pressure points can bring some help to you. It gently coaxes the cartilage structure beneath your skin to give a little, which provides some relief from the excessive pressure you are experiencing.

You can direct some relief onto your maxillary sinuses by pressing downward on the skin on your cheek just outside of either nostril. You’ll be putting pressure just below the sinus spaces themselves, which will precipitate some movement of the contents in your cavities.

Press down with each index finger and draw half-circles from that spot to the lower part of your nose. Draw these half-circles about ten times.

More sinus pressure points massage suggestions

To alleviate blockage in the ethmoid sinuses, place your index fingers on the sides of your nose just below where your glasses would fit. Rub them upward in half circles toward your eyes. Do this about ten times.

To relieve your sphenoid sinuses, put your fingers behind your earlobes and rub upward on each side, up and down, about ten times. For your frontal sinuses, massage the skin above your eyebrows back and forth repeatedly, about ten times.

Another of the sinus pressure points is directly on the earlobe, probably related to old Chinese acupuncture techniques. Massage the earlobes ten times each. Some people recommend lying down if at all possible when you perform these massages.

Ten minutes after you’ve completed these maneuvers, you should go through them again. That way you’ll keep the matter within your sinuses on the move.

My Experience with Sinus Pressure Points

If you’re the same way I was, you’ve been experiencing sinus problems for some time, and you feel at the end of your rope with it.

It just isn’t always convenient to give yourself a facial massage if you’re in an important business meeting or at a social occasion, or if you’re working in your woodshed or garden.

And sooner or later, you will notice that you experience less and less relief from sinus pressure point massage.

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