Simple steps to Sinus Pressure Relief

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Dealing with sinus pressure and pain is so frustrating.

So many times I've ended up suffering with a sinus infection and I've spent a lot of time actually looking for some way that I could get a bit of relief.

Thankfully I did find that there are actually quite a few great options to help relieve that sinus pressure that you are dealing with.

Today I want to share with you some tips for those of you who are like me and looking for a way that you can relieve your suffering from all that sinus pain and pressure.

Sinus Pressure Relief Tips

Tip #1 - Use Acupressure - If you are looking for sinus pressure relief, one tip that can provide a bit of relief is to use acupressure. There are certain points that can be massaged to give you relief from the sinus pain that is in your face. One area is the skin right between the index finger and thumb. Press the area and massage it for about 15 seconds. Do this to both hands. This may provide you with some relief. Also, massaging the sinus area can also help to give you a bit of relief from the pressure and pain.

Tip #2 - Breath Some Steamy Air - Breathing in some steamy air can give you temporary relief as well. Dry air can make sinus issues even worse. Get in the shower and breathe the moist air. This can help. You can also use a bowl of steaming water, and then add some essential oils of lavender, or eucalyptus. Put a towel over your head and then breathe the steaming water for about 10 minutes for some relief.

Tip #3 - Go Spicy - In some cases, spicy foods can help the sinuses to drain and keeps things unclogged. A bit of hot salsa, foods that have green chilies or even some cayenne pepper in your food can provide some relief.

Tip #4 - Flush with Saltwater - Consider flushing out your sinuses with salt water. This can help the mucus to drain out and get rid of inflammation and pain. You'll need a neti pot, which can be purchased at natural food stores, in order to do this. To make the solution, you'll want ½ cup of water that is warm, and then a ½ teaspoon of this mixture: 1 part of baking soda and three parts of salt that is non iodized.

Tip #5 - Eat Right and Sleep - Eating right and sleeping can be helpful too. The right foods can assist your body to fight off sinus problems. Getting plenty of sleep is essential. If your body gets run down, you are less likely to deal with recurring sinus problems. With a good diet and plenty of sleep, your body will be better able to fight off sinus infections before they occur.

Tip #6 - Drink Plenty of Water - Drinking plenty of water is important. The water can help to keep secretions thinner, allowing them to more easily drain so you don't have the pain from sinus congestion. Get at least 8 glasses a day to keep hydrated which will give you some sinus relief.

Tip #7 - Boost Your Immune System with Vitamins - Boosting your immune system with vitamins is another option to find sinus pressure relief.

One great vitamin that is well known for boosting immune system function is Vitamin C. You may want to add supplements to your diet and work on eating foods that contain a lot of Vitamin C as well. This will give your immune system a boost and keep infections at bay. (Please note my detailed discussion in day 3 of the short e-mail course on the type of Vitamin C you should ingest.)

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