Sinus Problems and Solutions

For so much of my life, I was bothered by sinus problems, headaches and sinus infections.

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I can’t imagine how many days of my life were wasted because I was miserable with the congestion and pain.

Meanwhile, most of the traditional medical treatments I tried, seemed to do little to prevent the occurrence of sinus infections or the development of secondary complications like sinus cysts .

Instead of all this, I found a way to prevent those sinus infections from happening in the first place.

Thankfully, I’ve finally been able to find a way to turn things around. It’s not that I’ve uncovered some miracle treatment though.

Before I share this secret with you, I want to discuss some of the other sinus complications you might be having that you didn’t even realize were connected to your sinuses.


If you’ve had a problem with bad breath lately, it might not be because of poor oral hygiene.

When you have sinus congestion, you have an excessive amount of mucus building up in your head. Unfortunately, that mucus can also be a great breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria.

When bacteria gravitate to your mouth and throat, it can cause serious bad breath that won’t go away just by brushing your teeth.


I had no idea that my snoring was related to my sinuses until after I’d discovered the preventative method. Then when my snoring stopped I made the connection.

You see, snoring is caused when you have to inhale more air at one time and that causes a vibration in your throat which comes out as snoring. That deeper inhaling is needed any time your ability to breathe normally is compromised.

Obviously, if you have congestion in your nose and other parts of your head, your won’t be able to breathe properly. This means you’ll end up with greater levels of throat vibration (snoring) when you have sinus problems.

And snoring isn’t just bad for you. Snoring can make things hard on your significant other, too. Some people with chronic sinus problems can’t even sleep together because of the snoring.

Bad Taste

While you may have heard that sinus problems can lead to problems with your ability to smell and taste, you may not know that sinus infections can actually cause you to have a bad taste in your mouth that interferes with everything you try to eat or drink.

It might even make you paranoid about your breath. That bad taste comes from the draining mucus which does end up in your mouth. The mucus is the cause of the horrible taste. Sadly, nothing can get rid of that taste except ending your sinus problems permanently.

Sore Neck

You and I both know that sinus problems can easily lead to more than congestion. They can also cause headaches, ear aches, and sore throats.

But did you know that they could also cause you to have a sore neck? I never understood the relationship until I finally asked the fourth doctor I had gone to about my sinuses.

He explained that when you have a very bad sinus infection your head becomes extremely congested and that puts pressure on your nerves. Some of these nerves lead into your neck and that pressure can cause intense pain in the affected area.

You can also have pain in the front portion of your neck, too. That’s because the sinus congestion can end up causing your lymph nodes to swell as well. Their swelling causes more soreness.

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Sneezing and Coughing

In some ways, I looked forward to the sneezing and coughing that came near the end of my sinus infection.

That’s because I realized these bodily functions were intended to release the excessive mucus from my head and lungs.

As the mucus loosened up, it triggered the coughing. However, when that sneezing and coughing persists and starts interfering with conversations, sleep, and concentration, it gets a little too much for a person to bear.

That’s another reason why I’m happy I found a way to prevent the problem instead of treating it.

The Mold Connection

While not the same type of sinus problem, mold is actually one of the most common triggers.

I didn’t know that. I was living in one of the mold capitals of the country at the time and never realized that when I breathed in mold it caused irritation in my sinus cavities which caused the mucus to start flowing and building up.

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Once I realized how important it was to avoid warm and moist places because of the mold my prevention technique was able to work well.

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