Sinus Swelling And Ways To Avoid It

Your sinus swelling can be a side effect of many medical conditions.

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They include acute, sub acute, and chronic symptoms , which depend on how long you’ve been suffering.

A list of these conditions includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Viral infection

  • Bacterial infection

  • Fungal invasion

  • Mold allergy

  • Environmental or airborne allergies

  • Anatomical variations in facial structure

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Dental health issues

  • Asthma

There are a vast number of diseases and medical disorders that can include sinusitis and sinus swelling among noted symptoms.

Suffice it to say that most of them are related to the categories identified above.

And if you smoke, you have to stop, at least while your sinuses are inflamed. If you live with a smoker, ask him or her to smoke out of doors so that you’re not exposed to it.

What is Happening Inside Your Head?

Most sinus swelling results from excess mucus. Normally several cups of mucus are propelled throughout our sinus and nasal system on a daily basis.

Cilia, which are the little hairs that line our nasal passages, move it along. Its purpose is to trap dirt and all other particles so that they don’t get into the respiratory system, especially the lungs.

Mucus also keeps tissues moistened.

Normally this is a pretty successful method for keeping things effectively clear. But when we develop a sinusitis, the body responds by producing excess mucus. It gets backed up, and then it thickens.

Primary sinus swelling involves the mucous membranes lining the nasal passages and the sinus cavities themselves.

When under attack for any of the reasons noted above, these delicate tissues swell. The result is that your sinus passages are blocked, and you can’t breathe. The more you try to blow air out or suck it in through your nose, the more irritation you will cause.

Sinus swelling pushes the normal structure of your cartilaginous tissues out of alignment.

Accumulation of mucus, pus, and matter in your sinus cavities and nasal passages can make you feel as if your face is becoming deformed.

Other people seem to suffer their symptoms all around the eye area. Eyelids above and below the eye can be puffy.

The lacrimal glands will be overactive in sympathy to your sinus irritations. You might see blood in the mucus. And you might experience some sinus swelling - in the nose; pressure around the eye sockets; pressure on the roof of the mouth; throbbing on the sides of the head and the forehead.
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Way to relief the sinus swelling

Standing in the shower with the water pounding on your face can provide wonderful temporary relief.

Many people use a neti pot on a daily basis to irrigate their sinuses, and others do this only when they are under siege from a new sinus attack.

It can be helpful to have a humidifier in the room where you sleep.

Gargling a solution of about a teaspoon of salt dissolved into a tumbler of warm water can relieve sore throat pain and the thick, clogged feeling you get when your sinuses are draining down the back of your throat.

Saline nasal sprays can also thin out the mucus so that it drains successfully.

However, be careful not to use these to excess, and it’s best to avoid medicated decongestant or antihistamine types altogether.

You will build up immunity to them and experience what doctors call rebound rhinitis.

Antihistamines dry out your tissues and mucus, and other medications work by constricting the tiny veins in the nose. When you use the spray you feel as if the swelling has gone down, but as soon as it wears off the symptoms return, sometimes worse than ever.

People have even experienced increased heart rate and hypertensive episodes from these products. In the end, they don’t resolve the problem; you will end up with chronic, day-in and day-out sinusitis.

In their own way these products are quite addictive, and if you’re using them regularly you will experience difficulty stopping.

A More Durable Way Toward Sinus Relief

Just like you, I once suffered from endless sinus problems, including the swelling, pain, and other debilitating symptoms.

I think I tried every remedy known to man. Some of the cures would work for a while, and then they would lose their effectiveness.

Or worse, I would develop a troubling reaction to a medication or product.

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