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Over the years, it's been hard to determine the difference between a toothache or sinus infection.

The main reason is due to the roots of your upper teeth settling inside the sinus cavity.

Whenever a sinus infection occurs, these roots will become painful and transfer the pain to the associated teeth.

Unfortunately, it's hard to determine this issue unless you are aware of your occasional sinus issues.

Using Tylenol and Similar Products

Whenever you feel as though a toothache is becoming too much to bear, the first solution is to take some sort of Ibuprofen or aspirin.

One thing to realize is that this will only help for a short period of time. When it wears off you will most likely endure even more pain like I did many times over.

Eventually you'll try taking more than the recommended dosage, but it won't do you any good. The best thing to do is head off to your family dentist.

When you get to this point, I would consider this the most annoying part of finding a solution. My dentist basically played my teeth like a piano trying to narrow down the location of the pain.

If I would have known ahead of time that my roots were being infected by my sinus problem, this step could have been replaced with a remedy. Then again, if I didn't figure it out that day, I wouldn't have been able to share it with you now.

Try Doing It Yourself

The next time you feel a toothache coming on, you don't have to spend the money at your dentist.

Considering the kind of health care we have today and the way the economy is, you will have to look out for yourself in this instance. I've had six sinus toothaches over the last ten years and not one of them was any better or worse than the other.

Anyways, take a few moments and tap on each one of your teeth. If it is a true toothache you will notice an increase in pain around the area you hit. You also won't have to tap each one very hard, just enough to feel the extra pressure.

However, if you realize that there isn't one particular area with increasing pain, then there is a good chance you have a sinus toothache.

Understanding the Causes

If I can help you catch the symptoms in the early stages, then hopefully it will alleviate some of your pain.

There are several things you can look for, but it all starts with the causes. It could be everything from a deviated septum, small sinus passages or allergy problems to a common cold.

Whatever the case may be, it's always something to think about so you can prevent a sinus toothache from happening again.

The grand scheme of it all is that you need to get rid of the sinus infection.

In order to do this you must figure out when you are having symptoms. This will allow you to treat the problem before it becomes a full-fledged infection.

The most common symptom is an oncoming earache. If you happen to feel any sort of itching or popping in your ears, then you should believe that a sinus infection is headed your way.

For the longest time I felt as though there wouldn't be any sort of solution other than getting an operation. Then I discovered preventable products that stop sinus problems right in their tracks. I spent a while investigating them before trying myself, and the end result is I never needed an operation.

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