Sphenoid Sinus Disease and Prevention

The Potential Problems of a Sphenoid Sinus Disease

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Sinus infections cause lots of suffering for millions of people.

They cause pain, congestion, headaches, and other complications which lead to time off from work, time lost with your family, and even time lost enjoying yourself.Not to mention all of the money you’ve probably spent over the years on medical treatments that didn’t help you feel any better.

Like you, I used to suffer from horrendous sinus infections. I probably spent years of my life either suffering from or getting over a sinus infection.

Thankfully, I discovered a solution to the problem and now have put an end to those days once and for all.

That information I’m going to share with you in a few moments but before I do I wanted to tell you about one reason you might be suffering from a sinus infection that is particularly difficult to treat.

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Understanding Sphenoid Sinus Disease

sinus-wellness.com The condition is sometimes referred to Sphenoid sinusitis. It is one of the most challenging types of sinus infections to treat and can also lead to other complications.

To understand why getting rid of this type of sinus condition is so challenging, you first need to understand a little bit more about Sphenoid sinusitis.

This type of sinus infection is named after the sphenoid bone that is located at the base of the skull. At this bone are two sinus cavities.

These are sometimes referred to as the forgotten sinuses because they are located deeper in the skull than most of the other sinuses in your head. These sinuses are almost directly behind the eyes and the nose. Sphenoid Sinusitis actually occurs the same way as any other types of sinus infection.

The mucus membranes that line the cavity become inflamed as the immune system struggles to fight off some type of invader from the body, which has infiltrated the membrane. As a result of the inflammation, the membrane swells and begins to produce a large amount of mucus. This causes the pressure on the surrounding bones that leads to the pain and causes the congestion.

Why Sphenoid Sinus Disease is Hard to Treat

Although the condition is not much different in terms of causes than ordinary sinus infections, they can pose more difficulties.

For example, infections in these sinuses are more likely to cause other types of pain, such as earaches. More importantly, they are harder to treat than infections in other sinus cavities.

Because of their deep location, they are not well nourished by the bloodstream. That means oral medications, including antibiotics, intended to treat bacteria causing the infection are going to have a hard time reaching the area.

While antibiotics won’t help you deal with all types of sinus infections anyway, they are even less likely to do any good when you are suffering from an infection of your sphenoid sinuses.

The other problem with these types of sinus problems is that they can easily become chronic. Let’s say bacteria cause your sinus attack. You use the entire course of antibiotics and believe the problem is all cleared up. Then guess what: you get another sinus infection.

The reason is that because of the depth of these cavities bacteria can easily live in them safely and avoid the medication. When the medication leaves your system, they are free to flourish and cause more sinus problems for you.

The worst part is they can become even more difficult to treat.

When sphenoid sinus problems become very serious, surgery is sometimes recommended so the cavities can be drained completely. If you’re like me, you probably want to avoid surgery as much as possible.

A Better Solution to Sphenoid Sinus Disease

Whether you’re suffering from a sphenoid infection or an ordinary sinus problem, you’re still going to be dealing with a lot of discomfort and distress that could be completely preventable if you knew the secret I discovered not that long ago.

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After I learned this method of preventing sinus infections for good and after I began using it, I have not suffered from a single bout of sinus problems.

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